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Blue Angels Double Build

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Started off this double build a couple of weeks back as the 2 other GB I've enter is about it's final stages, so I thought of giving it go. Moreover it would be only 2 same colors involved :D

First one of is 1/72 F-4J Phantom II from Hasegawa.

Pretty straight forward out from the box actually. Here's what is done so far.


Box art with the kit still shrink wrap sealed.


Blue plastic?? People at Hasegawa probably had though it was build it and decals on..walaaa!!


Main parts all together...A trial error which turned out well.


Fuselage looks pretty decent, happy with it.


Nothing much about the cockpit, decals placement only.

Next one up is 1/48 F/A-18B Hornet from Hasegawa and will be using Superscale 48-1070 decals for Blue Angels no. 7, 2004


The cockpit, straight forward.


Main fuselage into place.

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Sorry for the long lapse with not much of updates, was more into building and didn't take much progress shots.

The phantom is completed, quite easy in a way straight OOB. Here's the some finished pictures.



More pictures in the model park.

The Hornet is about the finishing touched, once done it will be posted.

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One of MY FAVORITES Jets. :wub:

You did a FANTASTIC job. . .

She looks AWESOME. :worship: :worship:

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