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Miss Plainfield of "Steve the Greek"

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Great job! The OD has some real depth thanks to the subtle weathering you did with...I am guessing oils. It is hard to tell cause the weathering is real nice. Flows with the paint. The biggest issue with the my builds are rescribing the panel lines on the bottom just before the tail wheel. You got in there and did a great job with that as well.

I would be honored to have a jug like this on my shelf at home.


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Fantastic looking P-47, the painting and weathering really looks great.

Now since it's Critique Corner just a few small points. In case you are building any more P-47's - the engine should not have the turtleback mags, these were on the D-20 and later, even Tamiya don't understand the differences in R-2800's.

This aircraft should not have the radio mast or wire (as noted in the picture you supplied), it should have a whip aerial.

Being an early D the two lower cowl flaps each side were not cut back.

At the time of these markings as seen in the photo, this aircraft had the flat keel and therefore could not carry a belly tank either, though it did later have the bugled keel retrofitted. The background circle colour on the nose art was not red as shown by the later photo of this aircraft, most likely blue. But you could just claim that these two things changed at some point before the markings changed, that what I do when I get things wrong!

Your white band on the fin appears as wide as the ones on the tail planes, the fin should be a 12 inch band and the tail planes 15 inch (there were some exceptions where the fin bands ended up getting painted at 15 inches).

I hope you don't think I'm being to critical, as like I said these are only minor points and it's still a fantastic looking Jug.

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Wonderful Thunderbolt, Archy. Looks really nice to me.

Maybe the silver chips in the upper surface are too regular in size and separation along the panel lines. A friend of mine call it "the ant trail effect". Anyway, it´s not much worrying.

The undersurface is awesome.



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Sorry guys for the late reply!


Thanks for the useful informations! That's why I prefer critique corner, I can always learn something new!


Thank you for your kind words! Th silver chips are the weakest point of the model I think. Next time I'll pay more attention on this part, as I do usualy on AFVs.


Yes there are oils as well. I used airbursh and acryls for the shadows and lights, but the streaking effects, and the pinwash was made with oils.


Mindig jó magyarokkal találkozni, de a nick-ed nem sokat mond... :hmmm:

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