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1/48 Hasegawa A-7E in Greek colours

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I was going to call this one the Short Little Ugly Tiger but that would probably have gotten me into trouble with the moderator :D

Another one from my to-do pile finished !

Bought and started about two years ago, completely forgotten for ages but now finally done.

I really liked the asymmetric load of a Greek Corsair I saw on Youtube once doing a live bombing exercise.

One fuel tank, one targeting pod, a MER with 2 live Snake eyes.

Just for fun I removed the Sidewinder launcher from station 4 as well.

Finished as one of the A7s that has the rudder painted in a tiger pattern.

This was done by airbrushing the rudder Modelmaster RAF trainer yellow and painting the stripes on by hand.

The enclosed pilot figure helmet was modified to a lightweight one using some Mr. Surfacer and plastic strips.

Decals are by Icarus, paint is Modelmaster enamel throughout.

The only real modification was the removal of the back of the intake trunking and installing a turbine from a 1/144 Revell Rolls Royce RB211 stolen from a B747 kit.


The intake was sprayed dark green to about three quarters of the way down as is usual on Greek A-7s.

I got this information from a member over at Britmodeler but can`t remember his name.








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