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Well this is how far the Phantom got but I'll keep moving on with it and posting pictures until things are locked up.


I probably could have finished on time but built two Eagles instead of one and two Mig-21s. I have a few misfits that I have to finish like the EF-111 from the Desert Storm build and a few older builds that must be completed. I'm sure I have a few other started kits that should be finished up so I'll have to work on those also. This GB was a lot of fun and want to give a round of applause to all those who participated and especially to the Moderators of the Group Build.:clap2:

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Looks good so far. Too bad you couldn't finish it on time, but at least you still have the pair of Strike Eagles and the A-10. Still would love to see it finished.

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Going to keep up on it and will start back on the EF-11A that I didn't finish on the DS GB. It will keep me busy when it's too hot out or I need a break from working on the 68 Mustang in the garage.



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