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F3H-2M Demon 1:48 Hobbyboss

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Very nice job.

Any comments about the build? Fit ?

This is magnificent to build, few points but it may be just me and my brutal construction but..

The kit basically falls together, the one main problem, which is minor, is the fit of the canopy, it seems to touch the top of the bang seat. an easy fix is to take a scraping off the bottom of the seat.

At times you need three hands to put the fuselage halves together.

Dont even think about leaving the burner can out when putting it together as I found out it is difficult to place it back inside and get the alignment right. I spent a good few hours on this problem short of prising the rear apart which Thankfully i did not have to do.

The two gun bay sides need careful alignment.

Other than those points its really great and minimal cleanup needed for seams etc. everything fits perfectly.

Oh the decals.... the decals.. are horrible. they virtually shattered just hitting the water.

I would recommend using Furball designs decals Screaming Demons part one.

You ill enjoy this build should you endeavor to do one.

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You can see here where the Phantom gets its looks from eh ?

McDonnell continued with the development of this airframe and produced a far advanced version being the F3H-C which was basically an F3H-2 with a GEJ67 engine and larger wing. Further to that more development added another engine being two GEJ65 (F3H-G) so further airframe development and in the end without being specific and wasting much space here it is indeed the precursor to the all important F-4 Phantom.

I really like this aircraft as you can see the linage and the resemblance between the to Aircraft.

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