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thanks Holmes!

I had to scrap the 4 fins I built the other night because I felt they were too thick and out of scale, so I'll have to redo them tonight.

Haven't done much else on it due to family commitments, but I will update again soon


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quick update

Having had a big weekend, I haven't got much done, but here are the newly completed set of 4 stabalising fins (at least that's what I think they are)

Now that they are all done (a little trimming here and there to do), I will move onto the main body. Lot's of work to do here!




Thanks for stopping in


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hey thanks for taking the time to post guys - hugely appreciated :cheers:

Well, it's been a busy week and the wind down from Expo has taken it's toll. A whole 4 days of modelling stuff (club meeting included) puts you off doing anything for a few days. However, saying that, I have done some work on it.

I've added some armor plating now and have begun detailing the front section. I'm still finding areas that I want to do, and it takes time to cut up little chips, so work is a bit slow.

Here's where I'm up to at this point:









More to come soon!

Thanks again for stopping in


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hi guys

Well, time for an update. I've been working on this on and off this past week - I have a distraction build going on as well for my club, so this has taken a slight back seat.

Most of the time Ii have spent on it has been cutting brass for gun barrels I found some ultra thin brass the other day which is perfect. It's 0.5 and 0.6 mm which makes it really good for replacing the tiny guns on the kit. Pics of those soon

In the mean time, I have been concentrating on the front of the ship and getting the bridge section started. There is still a LOT more detail to go on yet, but here's where I'm at presently:










I'm considering remaking those fins with the thinner brass inside, but I'm not sure if I really actually need to as they seem to be OK as they are now.

Anyways, must be off - I have plenty of detailing to get on with!

Thanks for stopping in


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Hi again everyone

It's update time again, and things are progressing nicely. Although the following pics won't look like I've done a heck of a lot, I really have. I swear... :whistle:

All these additional parts I'm using off 1/700 ships and so on have to be filed down nice an thin to keep in scale with the Cordoba and some of these parts are stupidly small and quite fiddly for my large hands. I reckon I won't be far off finishing detailing the top half and then it's onto the bottom, finish off the gun barrels and fins, find some 1/700 metal main gun barrels from a battleship and then starting the lighting process.

This build won't take as long as the Venator (lucky you!:woot.gif: ) so I hope to have it finished in a couple of months or so. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, enough talking and more pics.

First up are some of the smaller guns I've managed to do and the front bit of the ship:



The detailing continues on the front of the ship:





And some more finer detail continues to be added to the rear:





There is still more work to do to the top of course (there are seam lines to hide yet) but so far I'm pretty happy with how it's coming out.

As always, thanks for stopping in!

See you next time


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Hi everyone

Small update tonight - I haven't been well for the last few days and have not got as much done as I would like - however, that's the nature of being sick I guess

I've made a start on the bottom of the ship and hope to continue it over the weekend:




starting construction of the main gun area:





and these are the replacement main gun barrels that arrived yesterday:


Next post I should have much more done. I'm still working on the smaller gun barrels and should have pics of those for you soon.

Thanks for stopping in


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thanks Jesse :thumbsup:

I've done some more on it today, despite feeling awful :gr_barf:

this is what the main guns will look like (mind you, they'll be on straighter than this)


And some shots of the finer detail I've been adding:





Hopefully tonight I'll get through some more and have something more substantial to show for my time :D

Thanks for stopping in


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the fruits of this weekends labor:









This build is going faster for me than the last one, and there isn't much left to do. Still have to finish the guns and a few more fins, the lighting system and then finally the engines.

Any suggestions or critique are always welcome

Thanks for stopping in


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Hey thanks Tanis - it's great to see you back :woot.gif:

Luckily, this one's building quicker than I thought it would - so all being well it should be finished soon

I've been playing with the camera and have taken some more shots. This small series is more about trying to improve my photography skills rather than progress on the ship (although I have actually done something on it tonight).

Let me know what you think - I'm open to all comments - positive or negative









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hey bro

No - no reference pics are being used - it's made up detail.

I originally saw this ship done by a Japanese guy when I was referencing for the Venator and fell in love with the design of the Cordoba. I have used and modified a couple of his designs - (the main guns, vents and bottom gun placements - but the rest of the details are my own additions.


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Once again, you have executed your style wonderfully. I'm still struggling with the stylistic choice to "Borgify" this otherwise curvy design. The bits and pieces blend much better on the Republic Cruiser.

And I just don't understand why a space battleship of that size needs a teeny tiny inflatable life raft on the topside... ;)

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hey Tanis - thanks mate. Yes - this one is much easier to detail than the Republic Cruiser - also because it's 10 times smaller ;)

Mark - well, I guess it's each to their own isn't it. I chose to add extras to it because I felt it lacked surface texture and detail - plus I also like the idea of making it a ship of my own. It's the first step toward my ultimate goal of doing a complete scratch build.

However, as I have always said - I am open to suggestions and critique, so your comments are very welcome. When you say it doesn't flow as well - what exactly are you referring to, because I tried to stick to the rule of thumb of function follows form (I'm pretty sure it's usually the other way around though but then it is sci-fi :woot.gif: ) I personally thought the added details flowed better on this one than the cruiser. the upside down life raft isn't finished yet - I still have a myriad of chips and sh*t to add yet to mask it's true form, but that will come in time.

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quick update.

Things are starting to move along quite nicely now. Most of the surface detailing is now done. Te rest will be done once the back section has been attached and that will happen once I have attached the lighting rod to it and that will happen once I've worked out how the heck I'm going to display it (so I can work out how I am going to disguise the power wires). I have a few ideas floating about in the cavern that is my head. A space dock like the one in Starship Troopers is one idea I have But obviously not the entire thing - just a small section.

I have thought of building one like in Star Trek that looks like a cage but then too much of the ship would be hidden.

Its all up in the air at present.

Anyway, enough talking and time for some pics (although not many)







I'll be back again soon with more progress


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Hi Peter - glad you dropped in as I have a question that I think you can help with

What's the closest to correct shade of Gray should I be using for this ship? The instructions are in Japanese and not much use to me

I have started painting the main guns already (in black now) but as I don't know the right Gray to use, I haven't gone any further as yet

Any suggestions?



***Edit: I'll open that question up to everyone as well - if you know anything about Crusher Joe and this ship, what is the right shade of Grey to use?


MH ***

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Time for a small update.

I found a shade of Grey I like and I'll use that for the ship

I'm having a horrid time trying to sort out the lighting because space is at such a premium. :blink:

I've thrown out the space dock idea because I just don't have the energy for it and I'm saving the idea for a scratch build I have in mind for later. Instead, it'll be on a simple stand - I know, boring

I'm currently working on the engine inserts and trying to find the right sized tubing to house them in - which is proving a lot harder than it sounds.

I have used some aluminum tubing here to house the larger F.O cable:



The bottom fins are now attached and all of them are running .5mm F.O thread through them which in turn will be connected to a red LED


And I have made a start on painting the main battery guns:





Well, I haven't got anything else to show you that you haven't already seen, so I'll sign off for now. The next post I should have finished the engines and be ready for final assembly.

'Till then... :cheers:


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