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Photo Op - 1/72 Diorama

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This is a 1/72 diorama showing a group of US troops who have come across a "Karl" Morser heavy mortar and this is being recorded for posterity. The "Karl" and it's ammo carrier are a Hasegawa kit. The Deuce and Half and the 20mm AA halftrack are Hasegawa. The 2 M3 halftracks are Italeri. The Jeep and Kublewagen are Academy. The figures are from a variety of sources and many were modified to more appropriate poses.

Overall shot:


The "Karl" with GI's climbing all over it.


The 20mm AA halftrack in the ditch.


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Some more shots

An overhead view:


The view from behind the cameraman.


A close up of the cameraman. The camera and tripod are scratchbuilt using styrene strip and sheet.



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WOW !!! That is the MOST INCREDIBLE , IMPRESSIVE work done on a Diorama..

Your scratchbuilding of the tripod and camera is Magnificent....Real skillfully made too ..

The GI's looks awesome.They loks so REAL ...Good job. :jaw-dropping::jaw-dropping::jaw-dropping:

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