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I took the afternoon off from work yesterday to go visit my grandpa in Salina and watch the Venus transit from Coronado Heights, just outside Salina. There were a few other people up there watching it as well. First contact was about 5:05 pm and I watched it all the way up to sunset, which was about halfway through the transit. Since the next one isn't for another 105 years, I was going to watch as much as I could. I shot it with my DSLR through my telescope, taking a shot every minute. They're unedited right now (I need to rotate them), but here are some shots:








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Awesome shots, what lens and filters did you use? I think you have some nice prints in the making.

Tonal :thumbsup:

I attached my N ikon D300s to my Celestron C6N 6" reflector telescope for prime focus. Turned the telescope into a 1125mm (750mm focal length x 1.5 crop factor) lens. I used a Baader solar film filter to be able to see the sun. I also used my shutter release to trigger the shutter without shaking the whole setup.

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