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1/35 chieftain

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Well the Chieftain only served with the British Army so that would be 4 different choices of camo scheme:

All over bronze green.

Standard Nato green and black camo.

BATUS training grounds,Nato green and sand.

Berlin Brigade, white, blue, brown.

Afraid I can't help with the revell colours themselves and technically this should be in the cold war section.

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Didn't Iran get Chieftains in the Shaw days?

Yes, along with 5 other Middle East contries.

"Chieftains were supplied to at least six countries, including Iran, Kuwait, Oman and Jordan. The largest foreign sale was to Iran, which took delivery of 707 Mk-3P and Mk-5P, 125–189 FV-4030-1, 41 ARV and 14 AVLB before the 1979 revolution. The tank's main combat experience was in the Iran–Iraq War of 1980-88."

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Here's my own Iranian Chieftain, which I built a few years back. I enjoyed building this kit, it went together easily and looked good. First I sprayed the upper hull dark brown, then I dusted it with thin mists of sand. Decals were self-printed.

Someday, I might add some stowage to the turret baskets, and a crew. I suppose American Vietnam war crewmen would work.

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