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Color photos from 1942

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These are of outstanding quality and have some great technical reference merit as well for us modellers.

"This is a rare and fabulous series of pictures shot on Kodachrome sheet film (4x5 inches) and is of exceptional quality shot in 1942. It also captures a slice of life we will never see again...when an entire country was behind a war effort. I also had no idea that Kodachrome was ever available in any size other than 35mm film due to the complex processing process it required. It makes this series all the more significant. Note that all the images are still-lifes where no motion was taking place due to the very slow speed of the film at that time. What made K-chrome so good was that the film itself had no color dyes embedded in it; the dyes (yellow, magenta & cyan) were added during film processing making for an exceptional fine grain film. I never knew that Kodachrome was once available in 4" x 5" format, but Wikepedia did confirm this. WONDERFUL photos! These were scanned from 4x5 Kodachrome"

Wartime photos

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