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Trumpeter 1/25th scale Americam LaFrance Eagle

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Here is a mildly modified Trumpeter ALF Eagle.

I scratch built the rooftop A/C unit, corrected the pull handles on the pump panel, added discharge covers and retainer chains, added additional compartments, the lightbars were also scratch built, etc.








The decals were from Diecast n Decals, the paint is Model Master.

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Thanks guys,

This is the second one I've built. The first is now pretty much a "test mule" for the one I'm working on now which is a rescue pumper with a raised roof cab, extended chassis, cross lays, hose reel, high side compartments, heavy duty winch bumper, powered ladder rack, etc.

I'll try and post some pics of "The Beast" this weekend.

In the meantime here is the mule with the new body:


And the mule with the winch bumper:


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Wow Jeff, your first engine, test mule, looks awesome. I love fire truck. At our local club a member did a complete ladder truck out of scratch. Only things he stole from the Trumpy kits was the rims/tires. I'll see if I can do load pics and share with you here. In the mean time, keep up the good work :)


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