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Time to post the list again! Most prices include shipping to the lower 48. Int'l is typically +$5. Paypal only please...


1/8 Moebius Iron Man Mk II SPECIAL EDITION Silver plastic with rivet decals, complete and ziplocked $20 shipped

1/72 Fine Molds Jedi Starfighter $30 NEW IN BOX shipped

1/650 Alliance Defiant $50 ziplocked

1/72 Zvezda Su-37 Flanker $10 ziplocked

1/72 Testors Su-27 Flanker $10 ziplocked

1/72 Nakotne Su-27 Flanker $10 ziplocked

1/72 Revell Su-27 Flanker first-issue x2 in box $15 shipped

1/144 Fantastic Plastic Starfury $30 ziplocked w/ omega & pres decals

1/144 Lee F-14 Tomcat x2 $5 ea NEW IN BOX

1/160 Moebius Orion Clipper WITH PE SET $40 shipped NEW IN BOX

1/72 HobbyCraft Su-22 Fitter NEW IN BOX $10 shipped

1/1700 AMT Mini-kit Radiant VII ziplocked $6 shipped

1/9600 Battlestar Galactica — got this one on eBay, suspect it's a recast — $25 shipped

1/400-ish AMT Rebel Transport - built and painted - good for reworking $15 shipped

1/24 Revell Landspeeder (no figures) ziplocked $15 shipped

1/72 Revell Republic Gunship ziplocked $20 shipped

1/4105 Timeslip Battlestar Valkyrie ziplocked $50 shipped

PLUS grab bags of fiber optics and greeblies! PM me for details.


Collector Fleet Star Destroyer - repainted light gray - working lights and sound - no stand - $50 shipped

All figures are loose and from TFU, TVC, Legacy....

All accessories included unless noted...all prices include shipping to lower US 48 (combined, too)

TVC Senate Guard $7

Evolutions Master Luke $9

Legacy Hoth Han $5

Legacy ANH Obi-Wan, only has robe $4

Legacy Super Battle Droid $4

TVC Wedge $11

TVC Nom Anor (no cape) $11

TVC CW Anakin $11

TVC Endor Han $7

Indiana Jones $5

EU Spacetrooper $7

Evolutions Vader, 1-piece helmet $7

TVC Vader (Anakin w/ sith eyes) $7

Evolutions Dooku $7

TVC Hoth Leia $7

Legacy ROTS Obi-Wan (ball joint hips) $7

TVC Bossk $7

TVC Quilan Vos $7

TVC ESB Bespin Han $9

TVC Jedi Luke (ball hips) $7

ROTS Yoda w/robe & saber $7

Mace Windu Battalion Trooper $9

ROTS Obi-wan, Mustafar issue $4

TVC Plo Koon $7

RAH ESB Boba Fett, boxed, loose head, complete $100 shipped

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Tried to Pm you regarding the 1/72 Zvezda Su-37 Flanker but it said you can't receive any new messages. Please, let me know if that is sold or not. Thanks. Mike

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