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AVGP Late Grizzly and ASLAV-PC Phase 3?

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I saw a Late AVGP at a store in Cambridge Ont a couple weeks back. So they do exist. What is a ASLAV Phase 3?


An ASLAV is the Aussie version of the 8 wheeled lav.


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Yes & no. The ASLAV-PC is more akin to the Canadian Bison. Yes, its an 8x8 LAV, but it does not have a turret, and the upper rear hull is a continuous steep angle from the beltline.


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Denis - the Late Grizzly is already out..who would have thought we'd see one of these in styrene?!?

BTW - I am ex-AD as well. 119 AD Bty / 4 AD Regt / 18 AD Regt, from 93-2003

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