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Bit of an update of work on the wheel wells, and also per the updated original post, a change in direction in this kit. Here is the "never was" profile I mentioned earlier, I am really liking the clean look of this scheme, and something similar may end up on it...


web find courtesy of wp.scn.ru

But I am not really feeling the spinner treatment, hhhmmmmm, maybe all black, dull red or sky, more decisions

....and the update on the wheels wells, a bit of plumbing and wiring left to scratch out.


PS, thanks Mike, its been a while since an update, and these kits leave alot to be disired, but they are still fun, and the scratch building just adds to it....and boy do they look great on the shelf....

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Update as this is done. Thanks for looking in. I really like these Airfix kits, even with all of their problems, and they look great on the shelf.

First time using a gloss coat prior to decaling.


Decals done and cleared with Testors Dull-coat.


Finalizing up the cockpit.


Landing gear done, next up is gun bays and a few more detail.


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