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Another Trumpeter Eagle

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Here is "The Beast"

Has been lengthened by 1 inch, the cab is a pre production resin cab by Models by Dave, the body is fully scratch built, as is the bumper.

Hose bed with dividers:


Body with hose bed installed:


Body with ladder rack:



Rear body:


Body side:


Front bumper:





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Wow Jeff! This is an awesome build! I love the paint scheme and great work on the details. Makes me want to break mine out again soon. Keep posting this great stuff.

Ya know, I am so kicking myself now for passing up another one of these kits for sale at the local contest back in January for $25! I figured I already had one and wouldn't do another. But now seeing what you've done modifying the kit, I wish I would have picked it up. OH well, live and learn.


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This has been pretty much on the back burner for over a year now because of a move, and I have yet to get any sort of workspace set up.

Hopefully I can get something set up so I can work on this and the dozen other projects that are on hold.

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