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Ever been a 1/144 F-84 Thunderjet?

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Question for y'all;

Has there ever been, or currently is there, a 1/144 F-84 E/F/G Thunderjet model? Straight wing versions are preferred.

Preferably plastic over resin.

Another desired 1/144 is F-89 Scorpion. Blackburn Buccaneer would go over well too.

Related question - websites or forums specifically for 1/144 modeling. Do know where several airliner ones are.

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Only F-84 I am aware of is Hobbycraft's RF-84K, which they did with their B-36 FICON kit. I wish they would have offered it as its own kit as it was a pretty neat little model and it could easily be done as an RF-84F just by altering the angle of the tailplane stabs. I guess Miniwing has done a standard F-84F in that scale in resin and Aeromodeler apparently did one a few years ago (discontinued).

I am not aware of a straight winged F-84E/G series, but my guess would be if anyone had done it (or considered it), Ozmods would be the most likely candidate. I remember seeing a Gashopon F-84G a few years ago, but I don't recall the manufacturer of it, or remember exactly what scale it was (it was close to 1/144, but likely smaller). It was a real oddball as the "kit" line had these models packaged inside a container mounted in an edible chocolate egg.

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Hi, Jay. Aeroclub offered an injected molded RF-84F that I think had a better shape than the Hobbycraft one. But it's like a Hi Planes kit, fighting you every way until you finish it.

Best wishes,


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