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What did you see today?

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I'm afraid the attraction of the modern jets is wasted on me ...maybe I've seen them too many times! I patiently await the arrival of the vintage types for the public days, but:

It is "practice" week for the Farnborough Airshow (brought forward earlier this year because of the Olympics) and I have seen Eurofighter, Saab Gripen, F-16 and F-18 plus others including the Airbus A-380 (right over my head!)

But late yesterday afternoon I was surprised to see an F-15 in the air. It must be a late version being offered for sale. Very dark Grey/Green it must be an F-15E Strike Eagle?

I will try and get some photo's but the weather often seems to be lousy come Airshow time. Grey skies + low visibility grey paint schemes + my limited photography skills = make for fairly unremarkable photographic results ...but I will do my best for the Jet-heads!

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Wow! :jaw-dropping: got a big surprise walking in the hangar this morning! Found one of the Lear Fan prototypes N98LF sitting on one of the work stations. We're cleaning it up and demating the wing so it can get painted and stuck on a pole outside the FAA's CAMI office.

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I finally got around to posting the last pix I took recently... A buddy and I visited the National Museum of WWII Aviation last Thursday and here are some photos from that trip.






P-47 dug up on New Guinea.


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Just come back from a weekend of Flying Legends 2014 (saturday) and RIAT at RAF Fairford on sunday..

11 Spitfires at Duxford, Super Connie, B-17.. need I say more?

I'll put up pics when my body has recovered... (sheesh I'm felling REALLY old now)..


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