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F-14A VF-154 NF-101 1/48

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Very nice man :thumbsup: You have given me many new ideas for my next Cat.... Are the A/C fans from the DreamModel PE set or did you scratch them?

Please, keep the posts coming :cheers:


Thanks Jesse ! :D

The fans are from the Amur Reaver set, the interior was made from 0,5mm styrene and the meshes on the outside are from Dreamodel. The mesh from Amur Reaver are too thick and you could not see the inside so good, the Eduard meshes have bigger "holes" and let's see better the interior but are not like on the real a/c. The Dreamodel ones have the exact same number of "holes" like on the real thing and the visibility is good.

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I'm glad that everyone gives the Tomcat so much love :rolleyes: This gives us modellers so many options to build a great looking replica.... I must have these PE sets that you speak of :woot.gif: Thanks again for sharing, you do some really nice work :thumbsup:


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I bought the kit with the Aires cockpit for a 100 bucks from a friend.

Then I've added resin wheel bays, Eduard set, Dreamodel set, Amur reaver 2 sets, Master Model pitot tube, Eduard pre cut mask.

Now I have "only" to get the Aires exhaust, maybe the Eduard set for the Hobbyboss tomcat, a couple of resin from Steel beach, Eduard sparrows, L'arsenal GBU bombs etc etc..

It's always this way when I'm building something, I get crazy and buy half of the aftermarket sets that are available on the market.

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Thanks guys :D

I've decided to finish the front wheel bay by detailing the doors. Since the NF 101 is an updated version of the F-14 A, it has some feature that the Aires set and Hasegawa don't have. The left front door has the ECM fairing (explained here http://www.anft.net/f-14/f14-detail-ecmfairings.htm ), so in order to look like the real thing, it was necessary to move the ventilation mesh further and do a new hole for it. The interior housing of the ECM was done by styrene and an Eduard PE piece. Now all I have to do is mount the ECM resin antenna on the front of the door.








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I just received the Grim Reapers set from Brian, thanks a lot, such a nice man!

Now I have all the data markings to finish the model.

I was wondering, anyone knows what Gunze color can be used to spray the tail stripes of the VF 154 Black Knight? The color is a dark red.


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The last 2 days I've worked on the intakes. Hasegawa did some mistakes, so they had to be resolved.

The 2nd ramp, the smaller one had 5-6 pin marks that were visible inside the intake, so instead of sand it and putty it, I laid down a 0,2 styrene sheet and cover all the mess.

Also I've added some other details like the base for the hydraulic piston and some spacers.

The big ramp is divided in 2 parts, joint by 2 hinges, I've replicated that on the model. Also a almost total rebuild of the part that accommodate the two ramp was made.

Here's the pic, have a nice day.











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Man this build is just too much! I quit......... :jaw-dropping::worship:

Thank you!

Since I'll have to close the nose section "soon" , I've started to detail it. Added some kind of ventilation that can be poorly seen through the grill. Also, I've added some details that can be seen through the hole for the gun ventilation. Made the stiffening plate on the RIO's boarding ladder.

I've stole the idea of the ventilation from Anders_Isaksson and this awsome 1/32 F-14 build :D






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Great job where did you get all of this PE, I mean seriously, this thing is going to weigh a ton when you get done with it. Inquring minds want to know where you are getting this!


I'm using those set:

Eduard F-14 A 1/48

Dream Model F-14 A set

AMUR Reaver Wing gloves set and Tune up set

I'm using also some of the PE that comes with the Aires resin set.

I'm thinking of getting this set too, it has some nice feature in it, doesn't mind if it's for the Hobby Boss model, it will fit somehow on the Hase.

Eduard F-14 A HB Set

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Gorgeous work, mate :D

Hehe, so you found out how fun it is to make everything fit into the nose part eh? :P

Add a IFR probe as well and then we´re talking hillarious :P

Those wells look smashing tho :D

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