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Curtiss P.1A Hawk, 1/72

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Curtiss sold nearly as many 'Hawk' fighters abroad as it did to the U.S. Army and Navy combined. Chile's order for eight P-1A Hawks, followed by an order for eight P-1B Hawks, was the first substantial foreign order for fighter planes Curtiss received.


This build is something between an extreme conversion and a scratch-build: it employs the wings of a Monogram P-6E kit, as well as that kit's interplane struts and a portion of its forward decking (much altered); the rest is scratch-built, save the spinner and wheels, pinched from the spares box.



Decals are home-made. Wife worked wonders setting up Curtiss logo, number, lacings, and the shields (these were of different proportion than at present back then). The Testor's material I have, though, is really not very good, and I had to do some over-painting on the shields, even though they were printed on white film. The best I can say about the Testor's stuff is that it is rwadily available, and can be made to work....




Here is a look at the under-side, showing the 'pass through' arrangement of the under-carriage legs, and the fairings for the bell-cranks actuating the ailerons....


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Very nice, indeed, OM! It certainly looks like a P-1A. Great job on scratchbuilding the cowling!



Thank you, Sir.

Just for the memories, here is a picture of how the cowling started out....


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