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F-5E in VFC-111 colors

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1/48 Monogram F-5E with Two Bobs decals, an AMS resin cockpit, rescribed, things hanging of the wingtips from the spares box, this that and the other ad infinitum.

Now matter how groovy cool all the uber ebgineered kits are nowadays I will always be a Monogram kinda guy. It just takes a little more time and putty.

Tell me whatcha think.








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I crafted intake throats and added afterburner cans. Unfortunately my photography skills suck so I haven't got any decent shots of those.

And yeah, those cats at NAS Redlands have a rather untidy flight line.

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the grey camouflage sets off nicely against the dark red sun stripes on the tail.

The cockpit looks amazing.. :worship:

The ladder is a nice touch too. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

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