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A history of Jolly Rogers aircraft in 1/48 scale

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This is Chris' (and my) collection of Jolly Roger aircraft all in 1/48 scale with others schemes of the various aircraft still to be added. We hope you like them.

The entire fleet so far





VF-17 F4U-1 'Birdcage' to VF-17 F4U-1D of Ira Kepford


VF-17 F4U-1D to F6F Hellcat of VF-17


VF-17 F6F to VF-5B F4U-4 Corsair


VF-5B F4U-4 Corsair to VF-61 Bearcat


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VF-84 Crusader to VF-84 F4-B Phantom II


VF-84 F4-B to F4-J Phantom II


VF-84 F4-J to VF-84 F-14A Tomcat


VF-84 F-14A to VF-103 F-14B


VF-103 F-14B to VFA-103 F/A-18F Super Hornet


and finally first and last



Andrew and Chris

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Andrew & Chris, Our local high school's mascot it the Pirate. Sooooo, obviously I had to do some airplanes in this livery. I am an Air Force fan, but I have always liked the markings of VF-84 and VF-103. My son's favorite airplane is the F-14, so it was a no-brainer that he got one done up in VF-84 markings. I guess that I should be a good citizen and build some models for the school to display. Hey, great job. I am sure that it took a lot of time, patience, effort, etc. to get this project to where it's at now. I am thoroughly impressed. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to more of your models.

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I'm a huge Jolly Rogers fan myself. I have most of those but in 1/72, I have a couple done and the rest in my stash. You guys have done a wonderful job and given me motivation to get a crack-a-lackin on my own stuff. Thanks for pics!

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Thanks everyone for your kind words. Chris still has Tom Blackburn's big hog to add and I have another f4n and a superbug to be added. Fulcrum the f8 decals were cutting edge decals.

Cheers and thanks

Andrew and Chris

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