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F3H-2M Demon AZModel 1:48

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Hi, I finally completed, generally poorly built, the elements do not fit together, do not hold geometry. Although I include a set number of allowances to the poor, no gimmicks. I added some modifications of each other, acquired flaps, folded wing, opened the aero brakes. Lighting was done with a transparent plastic material. You think that probably as clean, but not in addition to typical fume stains were applied fell into my eyes, some traces of use.










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Nicely built. Love the base.

I don't want to take anything away from your awesome build, but since this is critique corner.... I think the aircraft is a tad too... clean. You've got the nice black "soot" just above the "NAVY" marking, but the rest of the aircraft looked like it just came out of the paint shop.

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Unfortunately, I did not find clear pictures of dirty copies, the most conspicuous just fume stains were applied.

I haven't seen many pictures of "dirty" F3H's. They stayed pretty clean. I think you have a nice finish to it. I do understand the previous post about making it a tad more dirty. I think is has more to do with tonal variation than actually being dirty. That's really hard to do! Again, you did a wonderful job on this kit.

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