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FS: 1/48 Scale Decal Packages Modern Jets -USAF/USN

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I am offering the following decals in sets as I came to the realization I won't be needing them. They are all in great condition and still in plastic. All in 1/48

Air Force A-10 set = $20.00 plus postage ***SOLD***

Two Bobs A-10 Eielson Ice Hawgs

Two Bobs A-10 Shark Bait

Two Bobs A-10 Osan Assam Draggins

Air Force F-15C/F-15E set = $30.00 plus postage

Two Bobs F-15E Da' Heath (Lakenheath)

Superscale International F-15A/C/D Mod Eagles (Tyndall, Mountain Home, Spangdelham, Hickam)

Two Bobs F-15E "The Gipper"

Superscale International F-15E 4TFW, 405TTW, 57FWW

IsraDecals F-15I Raam (Yes I know thats not USAF)

Air Force F-16 set = $35.00 plus postage*** SOLD***

Two Bobs F-16CJ Mountain Home Gunfighters 389FS

Two Bobs F-16C/D Big Mouth, Big Mouth's Part II Pope Sharkmouth F-16s

Two Bobs F-16C Hill Vipers

Two Bobs F-16C Hows My Driving and ALabama ANG

Astra F-16CG Aviano 31FW (Missing one air refuelling decal)

Afterburner F-16CG 524FS Dogs of War

Afterburner F-16CG OIF Black Windows

Two Bobs F-16CJ Shaw Vipers Dog Day Afternoon

Two Bobs F-16CJ OIF Swap Foxes

USN Decal Package = $30.00 plus postage

Two Bobs F-14D VF-2 OIF Bounty Hunters

Cam Decals VF-102 and VF-143 OEF

Aeromaster Navy Prowlers II "48-535"

Aeromaster F-18D VMFA-AW 225 Vikings and F-18C VFA-115

Repliscale F-18D F-18D VMFA-121, VMFA 242, VMFAT-101

Cam Decals F-18C VFA-81 and VFA-147

Two Bobs F-18F VFA-102 Sqn Anniversary

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Message sent on the F-16 and A-10 decals!

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