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Hello all,

I won this Peace Van at club meeting.


Since I have already built three of these I decided to modify this one. My kids were watching Planet 51 and there are a lot of hover cars in that movie. I figure that even in the future, people will still want pizza’s delivered.

I used some extra parts, decals and greeblies to make up a futurefied interior for the van. I also added a headset for the delivery guy.



The wheel wells were filled in and many rounds of sanding took place.


Thanks for looking, let me know what you think


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Started some work on the bottom. Some of the million wheels that I have in the parts bin and an orange juice lid are being used for part of the hover mechanisms on the bottom of the van just to busy it up a bit.


I was going to use some wood and a piece of clear acrylic rod for the base but then I saw a cheap margarita glass with this base at Wally world.


The vents at the back were going to make it hard to decal so I ground them off. Yeah, more sanding…


Thanks for looking, let me know what you think.


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I have started thinking about the graphics for the van. Some pictures were found on the net and modified and others were made by me for my pizza company. I went with Banzai Pizza. I like the Asian influence in the movie Blade Runner, so I thought this would be cool.


The pictures were printed up on a piece of paper so that I could check the fit before printing the decals.



I am not sure if this is what I am going to go with but it is a start. I am going to paint the van red and white and I am not sure how these decals will look with that scheme.


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Thanks Chippy

Well it’s as done as it is going to get. I wish the decals would have turned out a bit better but, overall, I am happy with it.





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This is probably not the sort of thread I'd tune into but the header caught my attention & my nosiness was well rewarded. That is a really cool build, fun, imaginative & looks the part too. Good stuff.:thumbsup:


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Thanks Steve

I don't usually check out the Weirdness forum either. Doesn't seem to get a lot of traffic. This was a fun project and a good break from aircraft.

I thought that I would post some pics of the other two Peace Vans that I have built.

One is a VF-101 Grim Reapers van and the other is based on the vans from the TV show LOST.


And the trio all together



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