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Question about E.V wing upper surface coloring...

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Now that my PZL P.11c is in the paint shop, I want to start on the Eduard 1/48 E.V. I'm going to do it as a Polish aircraft in the Polish-Soviet War. Eduard shows an "alternative paint of the wing upper surface" for all the marking options as shown below:

[i believe this extract to be fair use]


Did Eduard use the "alternate" moniker because the striated olive is speculative? Or, does the alternate show the actual coloring, with the uniform olive just easier to accomplish?

If the striation is the proper scheme, how is it accomplished? I normally use Model Master Acryl...

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Hi David,

There two threads from the now defunct Aerodrome modelling forum might help shed some light;

Fokker E.V wing color

Polish Fokker EV Stefan Stec

As for re-creating the 'streaky' finish, Microsculpt produced a decal sheet to reproduce the effect, but their website hasn't been updated in a long time - worth dropping them an email to see if they're still in business. The streaky effect was caused by the areas being hand-painted, the streaks appearing as the brushes ran out of paint. You could try experimenting with the same technique.


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Thanks for the pointers! They cleared up the streaking--an artifact of the finish application. :salute:

However, both threads show an alternate interpretation of the olive cited by Eduard. Looking at the Datafile (picked up from LHS yesterday), the photo of "001" on pg 13 could support distinct brown, azure, violet, and green panels v. mixing the colors to olive. I need to think about this...

Anybody have access to scan0001.jpg through scan0006.jpg on Polish Fokker EV Stefan Stec Eduard 1:48? They're behind a login that I can't get past... :bandhead2:

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