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Academy 1/48 F-22 Raptor

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Hi all

A friend of mine wants to build the Academy Raptor and asked me which AM sets I would recommend. As I have absolutely no clue concerning the Raptor I would like to forward that question to you guys.

I know that he has the Academy box with the reworked nose...at least that's what the shop on ebay said.

So, there are Aires, Wolfpack, Legend...with sets on the market. Even a company named MK 1 selling an update set...never heard of them!

He wants to improve the kit as much as possible...so what is your advice.

Which sets should he get?



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OK, I know this is a little opportunistic, but I have the Legend cockpit and Wolfpack exhaust details all untouched if they would help. My Raptor build ain't happening any more.

Haven't thought about price yet, but it will be sensible.

Feel free to PM me once the feedback is in here if your buddy is interested.

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I second the Hasegawa kits armor upgrade. It looks funny. I looked over my Academy kit and found it to be decent out of the box. But maybe a cockpit would be nice. The kit cockpit definitely is omitting a few details. Overall a nice looking kit.


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Honestly, I thought the Academy 1/48 F-22 was good to go straight out of the box.

In fact, I think it is better than the Hasegawa, which looks far too lumpy to me.

C'mon, it's Academy :wacko: Gotta be something wrong in shape! The Verticle Stabs are too small. Sierra Hotel is releasing their resin set at the Nats and thereafter.
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Hi guys

Thanks for your replies!

I will let my buddy know. It's his project :-)

During the last days I searched the web and the forums and I must confess that I like the idea of building an Academy Raptor myself :-)

From what I read on the forums it looks like the radome and the vertical stabs are the main problem.

What about the wheel wells and the nozzles? Are the wheel wells open on ground or are most parts of the wells closed and not visible? Aires is selling the wells and Wolfpack has the nozzles. Necessary or not?



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