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A brief back story.

Growing up I was always infatuated with the number 13. I was born on August 13th and would always pick 13 for any sports or whatever I was doing. I was also huge into airplanes and loved air shows and such.

I was also a huge fan of my grandfather on my mothers side who I never was able to meet due to cancer. I was always told he served in WWII on a B-17 but really didn't get much info aside from that. He was also hugely into golf, sports, cars and other various hobbies that I took to like a sponge. We are essentially quite similar.


On 8-13-44 he flew his 50th and final mission for the 817th squadron 483rd bg of the 15th air force. His time was done and he never flew in anything again. 35 years later to the day I was born and my time began. I have already flown on the B-17 "Yankee Lady" probably about 12 years ago. Next year my wife and I will be flyin on her again the weekend of TOM as it will fall in August the 8th month of the 13th year of this millenium. I also plan to commemorate him, us, and this occasion with a tattoo of the 817th squadrons patch and the number 8-13.

Not sure why I'm posting just thought I'd share.

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yeah, cool story indeed.

i'm not a big tattoo fan, except when they are that significant. :thumbsup:

I'm also not a fan of tattoos. But I think for this I may get one. What's an insignificant amount of pain compared to what he went through?

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Let's see..

My mother was born on the 13th of November.

My first wife officially ended our marriage on a Friday the 13th.

Mandie was born on the a Friday the 13th, and we were married on a Saturday the 13th (we wanted to do it on Friday the 13th, but couldn't quite make the date work.)

So, I consider 13 my lucky number!


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