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Sukhoi 25 trumpeter

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thanks marcel and tiger for your enthusiasum!

just one week before me and my brother return to uni for exams. its gonna be a squeeze to get it finished




the plan next is to fade the decals, future it again then ink, dull coat ...

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thanks youngtiger!

Thinking back i would say it was more white with just a dab of grey. the red was so vibrante that when i sprayed the 47 decal it turned pinky, convieniently the look i was after!

the stars got the same treatment however most of the body decals sprayed just with the thinned camo colour.




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After a long time away at uni me and my brother have returned and with some new stuff to finish the model off.



Got to be one of the best bits!


Nice to see it after nearly one and a half years, still gleaming!


There was something missing from the rangefinders screen so Some iridecsent material used giving it a realistic finish(it sucks in the post above). I discovered that trick after reading through other modelers threads. Thanks!


The frame around the rangefinder screen was painted a pinky brown colour as was the edges of the canopy hence the use of that colour.

more on that in another post.

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It has been a long time my friends. but me and my brother did finish this a long time ago just never got round to uploading these snaps.

I have a few more to upload with the full payload attached for later in the week.

We tried to rerplicate the angles used in the photos we've been using throughout unfortunatley i couldnt get the sky in the backround and agian, i dont own these but a link can be found in this thread that takes your to their source.

enjoy-- comments/ critisiums and tips please

thanks to all who have contributed ideas or their own builds which we took inspiration from :D/>/>/>









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