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Airplane guy giving an F1 model a shot

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I'm a fairly experienced airplane modeller, but have never built a car or any other model with a gloss finish. Any techniques you have would be greatly appreciated.

I'm fairly confident in the general build up of the kit (starting with Revell's F10) but I would really like to focus on the finish. Tips for what paint to use, surface prep, airbrush settings, sanding/polishing, gloss coat, etc.

Thanks for any help...I'll post pics once I get started.

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Nothing to fear really. Same techniques as before for paints and such. The only difference is you want to lightly sand with fine grit paint cotes and get yourself a nice gloss clear. There's several out there or you can just use standard Future. Then once everything's cured if you want it to have a higher shine you can get a polishing kit and really make things bling.

The Tamiya spray bombs are quite good for gloss paints if you don't want to mess with an airbrush.

Zero Paints are about the best air brushing paints and their Zero Clear I've heard is one of the best as well. I haven't gotten any of the clear yet though.

We've got the race car GB going on join us! There's plenty of advice to be given if you get stuck.

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Thanks! I plan to decant Tamiya Red for this build, along with decanted Krylon Fusion for the gloss white. If this build goes well, I know I'll want to do more F1, and then I'll give the Zero paints a go. Once I get some decent pics, I'll post under the group build. Thanks again for the advice.

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