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Phantom assortment

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here are shown my very modest models (modest by my skills, not by the numbers)

because i wanted to use the occasion to thanks member scotthldr, who graciously gives me the unslotted stabs required to convert my hasegawa f-4j to a f-4c. (the 550)

and also because i find very cool the result of hanging them together over my workbench







those are imperfect, missing sometime an antenna here and there... or some walkways decals on the St-Louis ANG bird...

but they overall looks OK to me.

the bicentennial bird is the ESCI f-4j with microscale decals

the VX-4 is the monogram f-4j kit... that i tried improve with extra stenciling and walkways

the Sabreband f-4c is the Hasegawa kit with printscale tail marking letters decals.

the other Luke AFB high viz red/white stripes is an Hasegawa f-4j converted to f-4c (monogram just pop-up their new release of the f-4c after i did mine...)

and after,the other 3 f-4 are those classical hasegawa kits with their respective on-box marking... with for only add-on are weapons from Hase' weapon sets.

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this one is not totally finished

i have to do some touch up...

before i can give it to my brother (that one won't be hanged as i was building it as a gift for his 40's as a remember of his first plastic scale model)

it's the ESCI f-4c









that one have some aftermarkets items, because i want it to look slightly better than originally

true details intakes, USAF pylons

cobra resin short cans

royal resin weighted wheels

and some PE taken here and there...

and decals aren't originals either as those i've got with the kit where unusable...

sadly i did that model before those new decals shown on the market...

maybe i will re-do it, in a couple of years... with an other kit than the ESCI... and use newer decals...

missiles are also from hasegawa weapon sets.

most of this page F-4's kits where pretty old and their decals where often nightmarish brittle...

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i also give the ESCI f-4j news cans... borrowed from my hasegawa's kits left-overs...

those pics where taken before i hang the rest of the family.

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Looks good, build MORE!!!!!

I will!

not now, but soon as the new Academy f-4B (and i hope, f-4D) will be out on shelves of hobby shops!

cos i wanted to do at least one or two sundowners, a couple more of Luke AFB phantoms... plus, at least, one of every variant...

so i think i'll have to do at least 3 or 4 times more than what i've build yet.

hopefully my skills should improve with time... and builds...

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thank you all for your kind and encouraging comments (i know, i know, it's the display case forum, not the critique corner... which i'm not yet brave/good enough to post in...)

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updated on Oct.23 2013

here's some new pics of my Phantom assortment

since the Phantom Addict Anonymous GB the family grown seriously...

but there is still place for more of them, as i already got 3 more that wait in my stach...






more to come...

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The Vandy '76 is too cool.

thank you!

i agree, that's certainly one of my favorite scheme.

but sadly, it's the old ESCI kit... poorly done by me, a couple of years ago....(looks cool at first glance, but don't hold well scrutiny...) but at least, it has Microscale(or superscale, can't remember) decals, which certainly looks better than OOB decals...(where gold was replace by some kind of orange color...)

i'll certainly do it again with better decals and a better kit...

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as i did for the F-4C 3584 of Luke AFB, previously done with the ESCI kit... and now, with a Hasegawa F-4J converted to C with the help of hypersonic models stabs, eduard's weels, aires pit and academy's phantom extra parts...and also, twobobs decals, isradecals... and some monogram decals...







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there will be more pics to come...

from my other phantoms...

but it's gonna be all for the moment...

as i have 6 parrots that are claiming for my attention...

good day to all of you!

thank you for looking! ...and leave a comment!

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and now, a couple of pics of the F-4C 4816 of Luke AFB, done in the latest Phantom GB

this one is the 1/48 hasegawa F-4C/D kit, with raised panel lines. i use the Archer's fine details transfers to restore lost details.

decals are from twobobs and monogram.. Brassin cans from eduard, intakes from Rhino, pit from aires... and more!








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