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F-4D Phantom II, Hasegawa 1:72

F-5E Tiger II, Minihobby 1:72

F-14A Tomcat, Fujimi 1:72


Finally started my first 3 models. Plan is to build cockpits first, then airframes one by one up to the painting stage and then finish them parallel.

Parts are being painted with base grey colour as we speak. F-5 kit is a bit crude, though the cockpit details are quite nice. However ejection seat had quite a nasty seam down the middle and I decided to cut some thin aluminium foil to shape to cover it... after paint and some seatbelts it should look the part under the closed canopy.

One question though - would it look very out of place to build a Tomcat with wings unswept and deployed flaps and slats?

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OK some real progress finally

cockpits are done, except for the ejection seats - they still need some work


OOB with kit decals - should look fine under closed canopy



OOB, a little shallow tub if you ask me and very likely fictious detail, but again, under closed canopy it should look just fine



OOB, and really nice work from Fujimi


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Work continues and I've decided to build them in order from easiest to most complex airframe - meaning the F-5 is the first one.

Having a relative small parts count it builds very fast.


But as I attached the wings, I noticed these huge seams and also the intake parts are too big and will have to be sanded down to shape.


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What to do if the model doesn't have full length intakes?

You can try optical illusion

First spray the intakes with white colour. Then spray the semi circular pattern as seen on the photo.


result (quite hard to take decent photo)


I've used direct light to brighten the intake for better view, but when you look at them at normal light, because of added shadows in the intakes, they look quite convincing

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Great progress, Sebastijan :thumbsup:

Re F-4D - Phantastic idea with the "shadowing" of the F-4 intakes :woot.gif:

BTW: are you doing the "MiG-21 killer" with chin radome ?

Re F-5E, If you have a F-104G seat on your stash, it would be a better alternative to the one provided with the F-5E kit...

Re F-14 - of course, the wings can be unswept when on the ground, for example, when some servicing is done - they are not "fixed" in the swept position :rolleyes:

Look here:




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@Amen - yeah I prefer this version because of the illusion it gives compared to just plain black walls. btw, is gr forum back online?

@Diego - thanks mate! F-4D - I am thinking of building that version, yeah. do you have any photos how that chin pod looked like? Cause Hasegawa gives 2 different kinds in the box I think. For the Tiger, resin seat is on its way while I've already decided to build the Tomcat with wings swept.

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Thanks TT

Haven't had much time for modelling lately, but I somehow managed to bring the Phantom up to priming stage - all major seams have been cleaned, lost panel lines rescribed, but I reckon some finer detail will have to be dealt with when the primer settles on this babies.


onto the Tomcat!

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