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thanks Amen and TT

a small progress - intakes were attached and flying surfaces dryfitted - looks like a Tomcat now, doesn't it? ;)

I have a new problem though - it appears carpet monster ate two parts for its beaver tail - guess it was very hungry - hope I find it somewhere. As I'm off to Switzerland for Axalp tomorrow next update will be a bit late.



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Quite a long time since my last update. Unfortunately real life prevented more progress on my builds, but luckily I've recently restarted my builds.

Since I don't have much time left, I've decided to put a Tomcat on hold and try to finish Tiger and Phantom until the deadline. With a little luck, I'll be able to finish the Tomcat as well. But first things first. Tiger and Phantom are in the painting stage and have yet to receive dark green color, some overspray repair (hey I'm doing a freehand paintjob) and the black parts and Alclads... Next progress sometimes in the next week, hopefully fully painted.

As you can see I went for a heavy faded look of a heavy burdened machines fighting the war in desert conditions.



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