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1/32 Trumpeter F-14D Super Tomcat

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I decided to build my favourite aircraft F-14D in scale 1/32, first model after 12 years. Back then I was building only 1/72 stuff.

Here is list of aftermarket items that I am planning to use:

- AIRES F-14D Super Tomcat Cockpit Set

- AIRES F-14D Exhaust Nozzles

- ZOTZ Bounty Hunters VF-2 Decals

- AIR MASTER SERIES F-14 Pitot tube/Alfa Probe and Angle of Attack Probe

- WHEELLIANT F-14D Super Tomcat Weighted Wheels

- AVIONIX GBU-16 1000lb US Navy / Marines Resin Bombs x4 1/32

- AVIONIX GBU-12 500lb US Navy / Marines Resin Bombs x4 1/32

- EDUARD F-14 Placards S.A.

- EDUARD Remove Before Flight 1/32

- EDUARD F-14D Exterior 1/32

- EDUARD F-14D Undercarriage 1/32

- EDUARD F-14D Armament 1/32

- WOLFPACK F-14 Bombcat update set 1/32

- ZACTOMODELS F-14 Intake correction set 1/32 (added 12/11/2014)

- ZACTOMODELS Sidewinder missiles 1/32 (added 12/11/2014)

- AIRES F-14 Wheel bays 1/32 (added 12/11/2014)

- WOLFPACK F-14D Correct chin pod set 1/32 (added 12/11/2014)






PS: Sorry for my english. :)/>/>

At first I wanted to build a cockpit. Then I noticed F-14D resin cockpit set on AIRES web page. It is new, came out last week. I will get it probably next week, but that does not matter, becasue I started to work on undercarriage.

Here are the results of my work so far:

Some extra details on the front undercarriage:


Added some cables/hydraulic pipes:




Edited: I have updated aftermarket items.

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So here is my new progress. I made some more details on front gear, I produced the headlight and the approach indexer. Then I painted it, washed it, painted some more detail and added Eduard nose gear placards..Here are some pictures:




If you have any tips for me, I will be very gratefull. :)/>

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Thank you all for positive comments. :)/> Today I made some more details on front gear bay. Next step is painting..or maybe more details..I will see.. Here are some pictures:





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can you paint enamel paint on top of that tape?

Honestly, I don't know. I never painted the tape. I will paint it with lacquer Mr. Color. I do not expect any problems...I will post here my experience with that.

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