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1/32 BRU-57's CVERs

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If it's in the Academy F-16 kit, then I have extra's.

Thx Terry! This is what the BRU-57 looks like:


I will be needing one of them.

That said, I also need one of these which I am pretty certain is in the Academy kit:




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I know this is an older thread, but is there a BRU-57 in 1/32 available in the meantime? Or is still the only option looking for a BRU-55 of the Academy Hornet and adapt it?



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There is no BRU-55 in an Academy Hornet. The racks in that kit are BRU-33/A VERs, which in real life is the rack that was converted to the BRU-57. BRU-55 are converted from the BRU-33A/A CVER, which is slightly wider and has the ejectors canted outboard for additional weapon-to-weapon clearance.

Externally, to get to a BRU-57 from a VER, there are some detail difference in the actual ejector units and the sway braces are different on the Air Force rack, plus the umbilical brackets at the rear on each side of the aft fairing need to be added.

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