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Jet Corsair Whif

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Hello All,

I need to kickstart my modelling mojo so I am going to build a jet powered Corsair.

I will be using the 1:32 scale 21st Century Toys kit.


I loved these kits. I wish I would have bought more of them. A 1:32 kit for $10. How can you go wrong. They might not have been the most accurate, but for this type of project they are excellent.

Here is what I am aiming for:


It is just taped together but I think you can get the idea.


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GreyGhost, Crimsom Skies is where I got the idea. I haven't played the game but I have seen pictures of the aircraft from that game around. They are very imaginative and just plain cool looking.

I was able to get the front "wings" on:



A couple more shots of the idea, this time without tape:



I have also started working on something to fill the intake of the engine. I cut these out of the cardboard top for some Revell F-4's that I am also finishing up.


They don't have to look that detailed, they are not that visible when installed.

Thanks again for looking, let me know what you think


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I spent an hour or so on this today.

I put the blades for the engine on but I am not to sure that I am going to keep it like this. It is not really visible once the engine cowling is on but I am not real happy with it.


I will think on this a bit more.

I started filling in the hole were the wings were supposed to go


I also started working on the exhaust area.


I cut the ridged area of a plastic cup to line the inside of the engine cowling:


This is the pilot that comes with the kit. Not bad?


Its coming along. I need to start thinking about weapons and I am not sure what I am going to do with the paint.


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Thanks everybody.

GreyGhost, I thought about calling it the A** Backwards Corsair.

I haven't forgotten about the build, I have just been busy with some other stuff.

I was able to join the wings to the body.


I also added some gear doors to the front and built the inner struture to hold it up as an in flight model.


Lots of sanding...


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Thanks everybody.

I didn't get anything done on the aircraft but I painted up the pilot.


I am not the greatest at painting these small figures but once it is closed up in the cockpit it should be ok.


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Thanks Andre.

I tried to make up some decals today. I downloaded some Crimson Sky aircraft and made them into silhouettes for kill markings. I need a new black printer cartridge for my printer, they didn't turn out that great. The decals I am making are only black so at least I can still use them and just touch them up after they are on the kit with some black paint.


Testers decal paper seems to be a bit hit and miss with me. Sometimes it works great but today...It didn't. The decals kept curling up when I was trying to apply them. It turned into a mess. I think it was because I was impatient and did not let the clear coat cure.

I started blocking in my colors. I am going with gray's and black instead of the blue of the real aircraft.


My plan is for this thing to be heavily worn. I used some of the kit decals and some from the extra decals box to get some color on it.

Tomorrow I need to buy something to make a base out of.

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