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1/32 Czech Mig-19PM

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It is quite some time i have finished it, but i have decided to ask you what you think about.

It is the 1/32 trumpeter Mig-19PM, with a PAVLA resin cockpit, and czech marking from a Mig-21 decals sheet. The number was painted with a custom made stencil as i did not have any decal for it.

I have rescribed almost all of the panel lines (as they were not as deep as i wanted), then sanded, puttyed, sanded again, polished, then i applied a coat of ALCLAD grey primer, then polished again (with micromesh), then painted with various shades of alclad.

I just think that it is not enough weathered. In addition, my light weathering almost dont show in the pictures (it is a bit better in real). I did not want to build a very dirty, weathered and used aircraft as one can see in the eastern museums or on the road sides, but neither a brand new one straight from the arsenal.

Please, let me know what you think ! Thanks !






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wow - how can i put this "ugly and beautiful at the same time" Im quite captivated by the lines of this mig! OK sorry yes the model is to me faultless - very well done. But im really entranced by this type - maybe because we dont see it often?

please tell me this trumpeter kit - is it quite good? I know its one of the earlier kits - but it looks really good ?

best Mark

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Thank you,

Just the angle of the camera, but in your fifth photo, the tail fin seems to leaning to the left???

Yes, it is because of the angle of the camera. The picture was nos shot perfectly straight above.

I will try to make some few more shot, with a better light, because on those ones, the shades of metal finish are bitten by the excess of light, and the very slightly weathering, too. I tried to make this aircraft not so dirty, as it appeared on the original picture, but it is possible i was a bit too shy with that.

please tell me this trumpeter kit - is it quite good? I know its one of the earlier kits - but it looks really good ?

It is both a good and a bad kit ! Yes it is one of the early trumpeter kits, with MIG-15's and MIG-17's. Actually, the kit is not so bad for its quite cheap price for this scale, but it is far from a tamiya or event a recent trumpeter kit.

The dimensions seems to be good for me, excepted for the windscreen, which is too large compared to the real thing. There was a vaccum formed one with the pavla resin cockpit set, but it is exactly the same than the trumpeter one, but without the heating rails up the canopy, so i use the injected one from trumpeter.

The engraving is the bad thing of this kit. It is quite irregular, quite good on top of the fuse, but almost absent on some areas, especially on the sides. So i had to engrave it again as anyway it is a bit fuzzy and not so deep. Adjustments are quite ok, but needs quite a bit of putty, though.

The wing are only glued on the fuse, and i thought it should be a little fragile, so i made it stronger making somes holes through the fuse and putting 2 large pieces of sprue that could be glued inside wings. This way it is very strong.

The kit decals, especially stencils, are good quality, but they printed nonsense stencils... There is 3 aircraft to make : a East-german, a chinese and a soviet one. I cant tell for the chinese as i cant read it, but for the german the stencils are in english language ("no step" !), and for the russian, they are in a strange traduction of english written in cyrillic ! ("но стeп")

So i did use the russian ones as i had not anything else to do.

So this kit is quite good, but with some (very) little issues. Not so bad for the price, and quite fun ! For those who like early migs, those early trumpeter kits are the only ones existing anyway, but they are quite OK with a little work.

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