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Well guys, I'm actually working on sump'in!

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A few of you may have seen my 1/35 UH-60A MEDEVAC that I finished last year. (It actually won a 1st Place at an IPMS show/contest..Woo-Who!)


I kind of like the look of military MEDEVAC helicopters.

So, I haven't had a lot of time to hobbytize lately, but I have been working on this project here and there.

The kit is the Academy 1/48 UH-60A with the assistance of (Floyd) Werner's Wings 1/48 MEDEVAC Interior and UH-60 Blackhawk Decal Sets.

I haven't been too concerned about ultimate accuracy or super-detailing the cabin fuselage insides (they look a little rough I know), or the cockpit since a lot of the view will be obstructed.

The fire extinguishers are made from sprue.

I threw some bags in the cabin from Black Dog Resin Kits, and made a water cooler. (Gets hot out in the desert!)

Detailed the crew chief seats with some Eduard PE seat belts, and the rear folded seats belts with masking tape.

I made a couple extra stretchers for the carousal, which was pinned top and bottom, so it rotates.

One of our forum associates here, Ed Page, was kind enough to supply me with a couple pilot figures (thanks again Ed).

Had to do a little plastic surgery to make their legs reach the pedals.

The doors will be closed, so you won't be seeing too much of these guys.

I used a few of Eduard's MH-60G pre-painted PE items in the cockpit area.

A little wiring was done behind the IP, again not super-detailed because it won't be very visible.

I'm about ready to close it up, so I'll post more pics when I get s'more done.

The Werner's Wings set is awesome! Hats off to Joe and Floyd!

Pete Brown











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