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Alternative to Pitzmodels Flanker exhaust ?

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Desperatly looking for a set of pitzmodels photoetched Su-27 nozzles, i have just found that Nothern Star (from Latvia) is about to release that :

My link

I dont know if it would be as good as pitzmodels was, but it seems that it could be a good alternative.

Hard to say with only the few pictures, but the shape seems to tend to be narrower at the extremity, like a kind of conic shape, while the pitzmodels was just a bit open just like the real thing. It has to be confirmed....

Anyway, this set still is not available yet, so perhaps we could have some more reviews soon.

I am about to begin the building of a Su-27 (waiting for some Zacto parts and new Akan paints, and also had to finish 2 phantoms...), so i find this new stuff very interesting !

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