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I'd like to thank all of you super guys for participating in this Group Build. I would liked to have seen more, but I appreciate all of you who built kits for this one. They are all very, very will done. I'd like to give a very big Texas sized shout out and Thank you to Wolfgun33 without whom it would not have had the success it did. As much as I wanted to do more, due to medical issues my contributions were limited, however as I said before the GB was in very good and capable hands with Mike, and as it happens life often has affects on how much and when we do model. So his time was also limited however the time he did put in here was used most efficiently and made all the difference, Again thank you to all who participated.

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I would also like to thank everyone that joined up. I'd also like to thank Greywolf for a great idea for a GB and having me as a co-moderator. It was a lot of fun. We had great builds in here. I wish I could have gotten mine done in time. :bandhead2: I hope I can continue my build thread. I wonder if I need to move it before they close the doors here?

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