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Zoukei-Mura SWS #4 P-51D

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Alright so I think I'm the first on ARC to post a completed ZM P-51D. Kit came out early this summer and it's quite a stunning model. Sure it will forever be compared to the Tamiya, and in many places it falls short, but for what it is coming from a small company it's outstanding. All of the fit was exceptional, and trust me there's a lot to fit together! I used Kagero's P-51s in the Pacific decals and they were absolutely outstanding. Would recommend their product to anyone.

I'll post the limit 6 pictures in here and then a link to a gallery I set up so you can view a slideshow of all the pictures. I am not a photographer. I use my phone and do the best I have so take heart with the photo quality.







And here's the slideshow of all the pics, 38 in total.


In sadder news right after I took the photos of the underside of the model I dropped it and snapped the right main landing gear leg. Blew a few other parts off but no damage. Not sure what to do and have contact ZM's US supplier to see about replacements. They do make Metal legs so worst case scenario I'll have to buy those and redo the gear. I was planning on taking this to the Cleveland Model show Nov 4th but I doubt that will happen now.

Critique away also. I didn't want to put this in both forums so you can blast it here if you desire.

Also if you'd like to see how it builds up the WIP is HERE.



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Thanks all!

I think Ive fixed the landing gear enough that it shouldn't be a huge problem and is unnoticable to an observer. Looks like it's still on pace to be at the Cleveland Model Show.

Thanks for all the kind words.

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High praise indeed. The nmf was just alclad polished aluminum that was then handled extensively by my fingers. A few spots have fingerprint issues that didn't buff out but otherwise it was weathered due to handling. I think I'll use that shade of alclad more. I painted a b-17 in white aluminum and dont really like the look of it.

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