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F/A-18A Hornet top gun 46

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Hi !!!!

i shearch some information about this aircraft : F/A-18A Hornet "top gun 46" BuNo 162894 between 1994-1996.

if you have some picture, history or other, keep me informed. this aircraft are misterious, rare picture on web !!!

it's for my next build.



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Hi, I have also been looking for info on 'Topgun 46'. I'm going to repaint a 1:18 electric ducted fan model into this scheme. If you have any other info, please feel free to share. Thanks! I've found only a small picture in Koku Fan Illustrated 87 "F/A-18 Hornet", but not much else in print or the internet. On the net: A thread on ARC, Fightertown Decals "Ultimate Hornet Adversaries 2" by Brian Plescia and a photobucket page.









And of course, the real deal:


oops the 2nd picture is not of Topgun 46, but of NSAWC 46. I can't tell the difference! There's more pictures of this one available.

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