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looking for a few 1/72 decals & bits.. Updated 28/oct/20

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Hi all,

This is my constantly evolving/updating want list of spare parts and decals. Wondering if anyone has got any of the following to spare.. I'm looking to raid your 1/72 AMARC Davis-Monthan collections...

Will buy or trade and cover postage costs!!!!

(Thanks to those who have helped out in the past, much appreciated!)



New wants;


Caracal 72-087 and 72-013; Just the first prototype option from Caracal sheets for the F-15 and F-16. 

Fox-One decals 72-001, just the VF-92 section for Curt Dose's Silverkite 211.

Carpena 72.07 VNAF ( Indochine pt2).

Wolfpak 72-31 F-105F 63-8301 Maj. Thorsness option only.


Warbird decals 72007 B-47 need instructions only.



Wolfpak decals;

72-071 F-4G 23TFS 52TFW option from Hunters & Gatherers and

72-074 F-4G 52TFW 1991 option from running the Gauntlet.


72-185 F-15 Eagle, looking for some spare decals to do one of the very early Air Superiority Blue schemes. (in lieu of Caracal decals above)

72-660 F-4E/F-4G Phantoms Desert Storm Hill grey scheme. (Or anything similar in lieu of Wolfpak decals above).


X008-72 USAFE pt 1 F-4G Spangdalhem Euro 1 scheme (or any decals for a SP coded F-4G and/or F-4E in Euro 1 with sharksmouth).

X150-72 2 Sqn Bristol F.2B J6671


72-20, S-3B Viking, I just want the Santa Splat sections!


 the VA-35 USS Nimitz option only from the newly re-released Italeri kit 1405 http://www.italeri.com/scheda.asp?idProdotto=2674 

Any spare kit or aftermarket decals for Airfix Dauntless.

B-36 any scheme with aux jet engines. Kit or aftermarket, doesn't matter as long as they are useable. 


Spare parts/scrap;


See my other thread for scrap 1/48 Italeri C-130.


Italeri RF-4C nose cone.

the AD-5W Skyraider conversion bits from the Falcon triple set seven. Would buy the full set but I already have the C-2 bits...

Spare mainwheel for Matchbox 1/72 Provost.

spare canopy for Matchbox 1/72 Zero.

Spare windscreen for Hasegawa T-1A


Full Kits;

Matchbox (Revell era) 1:72 Wessex 40136 (Black box with RN Rescue scheme).


Willing to trade kits for kits; like for like.



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Hi lads,

Long time no login!

Spectre711, thanks for the offer but Airfix re-released the set and I picked it up at the LHS. JFVicente, a pm is inbound!



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I may have your instruction sheet for the ADC Gray Phantoms.  PM me your email addy and I will email you a copy, if I have that sheet/  Cheers!


Best Regards,

Ken Bailey



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Hi Lads,


PMs inbound....


And a new want; anyone got Microscale/Superscale 72-371 F-4D 4TFW 67-678 Col. Yeager's plane (or the same decals from the Accurate Miniatures kit)?

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  • roym changed the title to looking for a few 1/72 decals & bits.. Updated 28/oct/20

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