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Iraqi Mig-25PD 1/72 ICM

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PD Cockpit


P cockpit




ICM gives a Cockpit tub from several flat parts i feel like someone got bored on the kit creation of Mig-25

There is no detail for the cockpit panels and no decals.

So i thinned the front panel, opened some holes to give it some details.The Instrument for radar is also from scratch.

Side panels made by pressing a metal foil into jaguars cockpit (italeri 1/72).

Front fuselage fits ok but leaves weird deep seaming line.

I will try to replace the canopy with pavla solution for condor kit.

Good luck with your builds :cheers:

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OMG thnx for the info Ryan i will care with it.

My build is frozen i hope to finish the kit some other time,i like the plane very much.

Sorry sebastijan but didnt was in the mood for modeling last months i hope things go better in my new home and build severa kits in 2013.Have a nice year guys

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