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#1 Fighter OTU Class Photos from 1950s and 1960s

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While surfing the web the other day, I came across this link buried in the 427 Squadron website. It's all the class photos of Canadian Sabre pilots starting at Course 7. I got to Course 18 and I'm pretty sure the man in the top row, third form the right, is my Uncle Guy. I'm not sure as I can't increase the size of the photo and I can't read the names in the captions below the photos. Based on the only photo I have ever seen of Uncle Guy, I'm pretty sure it's him. I've sent a note to my friend Des Peters, a pilot who knew and flew with Uncle Guy, to confirm that it's Uncle Guy in the photo. I also tried to find Des in the photos but I can't. I'm sure Big Daddy's father in law is in one of these photos. Another friend, Bill Slaughter, is in the Course 80 photo.

The caption on the Course 19 photo shows it started in July 1952. Uncle Guy graduated from #1 OTU in June 1952 before being posted to 434 Sqn.


For those of us who have friends and family who flew the Sabre, and even if you didn't, have a look at these photos. They're a great resource. Thanks for having a gander.


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Great find, Mike!! I found my father-in-law's class, Course 51, from which he graduated on 15 Aug 1956 (according to his flight log). He is third from the right in the middle row. Man, they all look so young!


Thanks for posting this link!!


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Got a reply from Des confirming Uncle Guy in the Course 18 photo. Des also advised that he is in the Course 17 photo. As he was a retread, as he put it, they pretty well taught themselves to fly the Sabres. The only reason he's in the Course 17 photo (back row, third from left) is because when his group had to do the gunnery / shooting part of the transition to Sabres, the higher ups needed to stick them somewhere so Course 17 it was.

Like Don says, they all look so young. At that age (early 20's) I was sweeping floors in a hospital doing what I could the achieve my goal of becoming a police officer. They were sticking jet fighters to their butts and taking huge risks every time they did. Most made it back. Many didn't. We can't forget their sacrifices and even more so the families and loved ones left behind.

Lest we forget.

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