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The M1008/M1009 CUCV in USAF(E) service

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Hello peeps,

I just ordered a 1/48 kit of the M1008 CUCV (the military version of the Chevrolet Blazer pick-up), and I was planning to use it in a little diorama with one or two jets in the 1980's USAFE. Anyone got an idea how these were painted and which markings they had?


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The ones that I saw we're camouflaged and the only markings, if I remember correctly, we're the stencils USAF with a vehicle number on the doors, and the bumpers. The numbers were black or a very dark grey, they could have been faded. That's it.

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Some were repainted sand during Operation Desert Storm (ODS, '90-'91) as well.


You could go with an overall sand truck with a replacement NATO camo door for a little added color.


The original batch of CUCVs were Dodge Rams and some of those were in MERDC camo.

M880 Dodge CUCV Cargo Truck


M886 Dodge CUCV Ambulance


As stated above though, all Chevy CUCVs were in 3-tone NATO camo.

By the way, who makes one in 1/48? I only know of the Miniman Factory 1/35 versions.



I have the M1008 pick-up version and it is really nice.

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Thanks guys. This helps. Mine will be one from around 1987 in USAFE service, so painting it in a desert scheme won't happen (this time). Miniman Factory also has them in 1/48 now. Someone should do those Dodge trucks too, I think it looks great in MERDC.

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I would like to see a kit of the M1010 CUCV Ambulance, a.k.a Cracker Box Ambulance.


With a full interior for the box of course.


I guess I could always scratch the box and use the Miniman M1008 cab and chassis for it. Hhhmmm....

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