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F/S or trade 1/48 jets and a few other things

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I have the following things sitting around taking up room.

Shipping in the US is included in price, shipping to Canada will be at cost

For trades I'm looking for the following helicopters all 1/48:

Italeri or Revell SH-60B

Airfix Lynx AH-7 or HMA-8

Hasegawa AH-64D

Updated 11/15

AMT/ERTL 1/72 NKC-135A Laser Lab - $18.0 Sold

Hasegawa 1/48 F/A-18C “Folding Wing version”

MAW 48R004 F-18C/D update set

Superscale 48-674 China Lake/VMFA 225- $45.00Sold

Hasegawa 1/48 F-15A ASAT “ High Grade Series” -NO Kit decals, No decals for ASAT missle

Black Box F-15C cockpit- No instructions

Repli-Scale 48-5037 1st TFW wing commander

Astra Decals ASD-4805 F-15C Keflavik - $45.00 Sold

Revell 1/48 F-106 and Experts Choice "48-24 B-1B Chase Aircraft" - $12.00

Black Box F-14D cockpit 48-012(Missing 1 NACES)

Black Box F-14A cocpit 48-003(No seats)

Steel Beach Covered F-14D exhausts

Black Box 48-112 F-14D VF-2 Low Vis option Only

Eagle Strike 48052 Tomcats Part V

Two Bobs 48025 "Sandbox alley cats"

Resin LANTIRN pod/pylon,BOL launchers and white metal bomb racks from one of Hasegawas F-14D special releases- $25.00

Passche VLS airbrush

Paasche A-194 Deluxe airbrush hanger

VLN-1,3 & 5 needles

V-169 friction nut, MU-61 teflon packing washer

1/4oz Metal color cup (no glass paint bottles or adapters)

Braided airhose- $25.00

TwoBobs 48-102 Rockin Rhinos 1 - $5.00

TwoBobs 48-040 Superbugs VFA-14 - $5.00

TwoBobs 48-022 F-117A Kosovo Bandits - $5.00

TwoBobs 48-037 F-15E Anaconda Squeeze Play - $5.00

Cutting Edge CED48225 A-10A Black Lightning - $5.00

or all 5 for $22.00

Tamiya F4U-1A Propeller Action Series - $20.00 Sold



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