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Boeing 929 hydrofoil/jetfoil

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Over the next few months I will be starting a new project,one that I have a passion for since I had the pleasure of taking a trip on one of these in the 70s from Honolulu to Maui.

I want to know what scale that would be the most popular? the kit would be resin with pe railings?


Michael Bolden

Contrails Models

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For something like that, how about 1/72? IIUC, that would put it around 15 in. It would also be consistently scaled with various other small vessels like the Gato Class, PT, PBR, Type-VIIc, Type-IIa, Type-XXII, S-Boot, Hunley, David, Holland-I, and so many more...

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Oh, I'd be up for a kit of the 929! Recently got a hold of an old Aurora Tucumcari

Agree with David, 1/72 would be a great scale. 1/144 would be my second choice. Then you could display it with a couple Boeing jetliner models, since they were made in the same plant.

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