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Revell 1/48 Eurofighter - What If....and loaded to the gills

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It is what it is, and I love the look. The true to life paint schemes are boring beyond belief IMHO. I got my inspiration from another Eurofighter "what if" I saw with this scheme. Can't remember where or find any links to the original

Used Two Mikes pylons and intake covers (man they are nice!). And anyone who knows the few models I do have, I love them loaded to the gills, realistic or not. They bring me joy set up in my family room.








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I think that he'll need the entire length of the runway to get off, but man is he going to put a world of hurt on the bad guys when he gets up. I love the camo. I'm not much for whiff's myself, but I agree that this camo looks way better than the over-all gray. And, I'm all for loaded for bear armaments! The model itself is well-built. Great job.


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