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1/35 - Austrian Black Hawk - Academy

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A question for those looking at the rotor head often...

We have blue, yellow and red blade coding... which is the fourth? Black? I'm used to green, but there doesn't seem to be any green here.



Photos by Daniel Brenter

A big thanks goes to Daniel from Brent-air-decals http://brent-air-decals.at/kontakt/ who is taking the effort in satisfying my huge stencil and decal needs. A lot of stencils are not covered in other production sheets which I wish to have as these add a lot of details and components coming to life. This is my latest wishlist:


For size reference, the red crosses are 1,5 x 1,5 mm.

Thank you Daniel!

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That's why it was so hard to see the code. On the tail rotor its visible, but might as well be torn off, no sight of it on the main rotor, as on all my photos its in the shadow. Thank you.

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Thanks! Got those codes sorted and I think I should get my hsnds on them soon. Meanwile, I got new goodies from CC (thank you Chris M)! And also stencils for my Blacky. The meshes will do I think, especially on the tail rotor GBX cover.


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Thank you Shep!

I got into some trouble. When a guy thinks everything is fine... the model b*tchslaps your face and goes FU. This happened earlier today, when I fixed the seats to the cockpit and tryed to join the fuselage halfs together... and found out my interior walls are from some ancient variant of B_H. Austrian version doesn't have a fuel-drum-like shape at the top.

There was quite some adult words while I was using my proxon to cut away a lot of resin. It looks convincing now, I'm happy.


Only a few details are missing like the storage compartment box with ICS, some wires and fire extinguishers.


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