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Revell's new 1950 Oldsmobile

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Naturally I had to go a different direction than most.






Black and white Valspar laquer, Tamiya acrylic interior. I scratched the roof lights from Gundam parts and my own cast resin spotlights.


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Oh, WOW! That looks fantastic, Agent! Whose CHP decals did you use? Did any of your lights, radio, or microphone come in the kit? Or did you scratch build or "borrow" from other kits for these? Thanks for the information!

Best Regards,

Ken Bailey


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Ken the decals are from Code 7 sheet # C72024. That has both the older door shield and the new full color door shield. The graphics stayed the same from 1948 until about 2004. I got the set from www.policecarmodels.com .

I used these:



and my own cast resin parts to build these:


The radio is a resin copy of the part in the newly reissued 71 Ford Police Interceptor kit.


I scratched the microphone and made the cord from wire wrapped around a straight pin.


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